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Manual Therapy

manual2Manual Therapy is a hands on technique mainly used in orthopaedic rehabilitaion.This therapy is indicated when there is a disfunction in a joint, often combined with pain and reduced mobility. This could be after injuries or fracture which involved one or more joints on your spine or extremities, (once the fracture has healed this joint needs to be mobilised). We also use this technique a lot in acute or chronic back, shoulder and elbow pain.
Typical diagnosis are:

  • Acute and chronic neck pain with reduced mobility especially rotation
  • Acute and chronic lumbar pain with reduced mobility
  • Epicondylitis (Tennis elbow)
  • Acute and chronic thoracic pain with reduced mobility
  • Shoulder impingment syndrome
  • Post knee/ankle injuries

The main aim is to treat the disfunction in any joint of your body and the surrounding soft tissue and muscles. This disfunction could be due to reduced joint mobility = hypomobility or due to increased joint mobility = hypermobility.

It is essential to perform a thorough assessment of each joint that gives problems in order to determan if the movement in this joint is reduced (hypomobility)which means this joint needs to be mobilised or if the movement in that joint is more than normal(hypermobile) which means the joint needs to be stabilized through specific exercises.
Manual Therapy techniques are usually used in combination with soft tissue and muscle mobilisation.
During a Manual Therapy treatment we use techniques like traction and joint gliding.
As soon as normal joint mobility is re-established the patient is encouraged to perform active exercises to gain full range of movement. Each patient will receive an individual home exercise programme in order to speed up the healing process.